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Paul T. Berghaus Master of Divinity

Hometown:  Great Falls, Virginia
Education: United States Military Academy, B.S. Military History, 1995
Mid-America Reformed Seminary, M.Div., 2005
Texas A&M University, M.A. Philosophy, 2013
Employment: Chaplain, United States Army
Family: Wife Mary, sons Paul, James, John, and Elizabeth

After a tour in Bosnia in 1998 as an active army officer, Paul Berghaus had seen enough spiritual darkness to inspire him to pursue theological training and consider a call to ministry. “I saw and felt the darkness of a land that had trampled down the church and the gospel,” he said. “I believe the Lord used that experience to cultivate in me a greater desire to share the gospel with those who are lost.”

Soon after, he spent a semester studying in Israel. There, he learned about Mid-America Reformed Seminary through the son of an alumnus. Berghaus set up a visit, and he enrolled in 2002.

“I came to the seminary with a great interest in apologetics and ethics, so I enjoyed those classes very much,” he reflected. “Mid-America provided a wonderful environment in which to think deeply and critically about many things related to our triune God and the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Berghaus says the size of the student body and the abilities of the seminary’s professors make it particularly well-suited to go beyond classroom teaching to really mentor and develop those who want to serve in Christ’s kingdom. Additionally, he found it a supportive community: “I have fond memories of rigorous discussions inside and outside of the classroom that ranged across many topics,” he says. “Those discussions, however, were situated in a supportive community that actively sought to bear one another’s burdens, spend time in one another’s homes, worship together on the Lord’s Day, meet for meals, play hockey, softball, and other games together, and enjoy the freedom and fellowship we have in Christ.”

Berghaus found the education top-notch. “I chose Mid-America for the same reason that I chose to attend West Point—to receive the best preparation for the work that I believed God was calling me to. It is hard for an institution to perform a lot of different programs really well. Mid-America is unique in that it focuses on one primary program in order to prepare with excellence those who seek a call to gospel ministry.“

As an active duty chaplain in the United States Army, ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Berghaus is currently employed as an ethics instructor at the U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, Georgia.

“Mid-America prepared me well for this ministry,” he said. “I continue to draw from the intellectual and spiritual resources that the seminary gave me as I teach young officers in the Army.”

Along with other benefits he took from his studies at the seminary is one he is most grateful for: he was introduced to his wife Mary through her brother-in-law, a classmate. “I certainly cannot promise that He will do the same for others who are single and praying for a future spouse when they enter the seminary,” he jokes. But still, he says, “it illustrates how God uses Mid-America to equip His people and enrich their lives in many wonderful ways.”