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Our Foundation

What is Mid-America all about? What’s unique about our approach to training students for the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ? The statements below provide insight into our unique culture and approach. They are pillars that form the foundation of all we do. Every student, faculty member, and staff person is part of the effort to tell our story based on these foundational themes.

Mid-America is wholeheartedly committed to the supreme authority and complete truthfulness of the Word of God. The Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the standard for everything that is taught in the classroom and for our approach to training students of the gospel ministry.

We believe the historic Reformed Confessions of the church are the best expression of biblical Christianity.  Thus, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, the Canons of Dort, and the Westminster Confession set the parameters for our course of instruction. We take a fresh and enthusiastic look at the historic Christian creeds and use them in the formation of our preaching and teaching.

We exist to serve the church. We believe the health of the church depends on the faithful ministry of God’s Word and our mission is to provide the best training possible for students who are preparing for gospel ministry. Our focus is on equipping students with the academic and practical tools that will enable them to fulfill the calling of minister in the church and to the world.

Mission and Purpose

Mid-America’s mission is to prepare pastors as faithful servants of the Word and sacraments in the heritage of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches and by training others to serve in various Christian venues.

Mid-America’s curriculum is calculated to assist in the intellectual and spiritual development of our students. We believe a thorough knowledge of and submission to God’s Word, together with a solid grounding in its essential doctrines, is requisite to a God-glorifying and fruitful ministry.

Knowledge and compassion are equally important in the ministry of a pastor. To foster intellectual and spiritual development, the Seminary offers courses in biblical, theological, ecclesiastical, and ministerial disciplines. But knowledge is not enough to effectively reach our neighbors and the nations with the gospel. A solid grounding in essential biblical doctrines must always be accompanied by humble submission to God’s Word. Both are indispensable elements of a servant ministry that glorifies God.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary glorifies God by training godly men to serve in the ministry of the Word and sacraments. The health of the church and society depends upon the faithful ministry of the Word of God. Mid-America’s primary purpose is training men to serve the church as knowledgeable pastors with servants’ hearts.


All members of Mid-America’s Association and the Board of Trustees, which governs the Seminary and its activities, and the members of the faculty, are wholeheartedly committed to the Holy Scriptures as the infallible and inerrant Word of God; and in conformity with the Word, to the ecumenical creeds of Christendom (the Apostles’, Athanasian, and Nicene Creeds); and to the following Reformation Confessions: the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Canons of Dort, and the Westminster Confession of Faith.” The doctrinal statement is an extract of statements from the Belgic Confession and other Reformed Confessions that articulate Mid-America’s doctrinal position.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Mid-America Reformed Seminary is committed to effective education and preparation for the gospel ministry. As a measure of educational effectiveness, since 1985, 94% of Mid-America graduates in the Master of Divinity program have successfully sustained theological examination by their churches and were ordained to undertake work in gospel ministry. Since Mid-America’s Master of Theological Studies program is not designed to have a clearly defined vocational purpose, Mid-America does not track vocational outcomes for MTS students.

Welcome from President Cornelis Venema, Ph.D.

Greetings from the faculty, students, and administrative staff of Mid-America Reformed Seminary! We are pleased to introduce ourselves and provide basic information about our program and mission.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary is wholeheartedly committed to the biblical Gospel, the infallibility of the Word of God, and the biblical riches of the Reformed confessions. The mission of Mid-America is to provide the best training possible for men for the ministry of the Word and sacraments in churches disposed to call men trained in the Reformed faith.

Our focus is equipping students with the tools—academic and practical—that will enable them to fulfill the primary calling of a minister of the Word, to preach and teach the gospel of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, our curriculum stresses the classical disciplines of original language study, exegesis, doctrinal studies, and the history of the church. Only as students learn to open up and apply the riches of God’s Word to all of life, will they be able to equip God’s people for service. Our curriculum and Ministerial Apprenticeship Program are designed to insure that students have ample opportunities to cultivate their gifts for the ministry throughout their seminary studies. Academic rigor and spiritual formation for ministry are interwoven throughout our program. Our faculty members are gifted academically and pastorally, and are deeply committed to serving the church of Jesus Christ.

A website can give no more than a second-hand glimpse of an institution’s particular focus and strengths. If you would like to know more about us and the work the Lord is accomplishing at Mid-America, please call or email us for further information. Better yet, visit our campus on the south side of the Chicago area. By visiting our professors, attending class, conversing with students, and attending our chapel exercises, you will experience first-hand the strengths and emphases of our program of study.

Cordially in Christ,
Cornelis P. Venema