2021 Fall Evening Class w/ Dr. Alan Strange

Join us as Dr. Alan D. Strange leads us in a 4-part evening class, The Church's Spiritual Calling: "Love the World, But Don't Become the World" at Mid-America Reformed Seminary's campus on October 21, 28, and November 4 and 11, at 7:30 pm.

The lectures will be presented as follows: 

October 21: What is the Spirituality of the Church? / The Biblical Relationship of Church and State and the Ancient Church During the time of the Persecutions

October 28: The Relationship of Church and State from the Middle Ages Forward, Including the Historic Contribution in the American Context of the Separation of Church and State / The Development of the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the Spirituality of the Church

November 4: Slavery and Race in America and the Church in the Early Nation and the Spirituality of the Church / The Events Leading up to the Civil War in Church and State

November 11: The Politicization of the Church During and After the War / The Value and Abuse of the Spirituality of the Church: Encouraging Its Proper Use Without Falling Into the Problems Attendant on Its Misuse


The cost of these lectures is free! On-campus registration can be found here. Click here for live-stream registration.