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The name of Mid-America Reformed Seminary says a great deal about the Seminary. Centrally located on the southern side of the Chicago area, Mid-America benefits from the convenience and resources of a major metropolitan area while remaining closely connected to its Midwestern rural roots.

Location and background are important aspects of the Seminary's name, but far more important is the Seminary's unashamed commitment to being distinctively Reformed. Accredited by The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, Mid-America's theological perspective is firmly rooted in the historic truths of the Reformed faith. Instructors do not shy away from acquainting students with modern controversies blown by changing winds of the age. The instructors' thorough knowledge of Reformation history and thought, however, is the solid ground that anchors all discussion and nurtures the development of thought toward a mature understanding of the historic Reformed faith.

Within this solidly Reformed environment, Mid-America has one primary purpose: training men for the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ. Mid-America is a seminary that does not fragment its resources or strain its faculty by offering a plethora of degree programs. Because Mid-America concentrates on doing this one thing, it does it well.