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The Dead Sea Scrolls
Promotional material for an Evening Class centered around the Dead Sea Scrolls, taught by Mid-America professor Rev. Andrew Compton.

The Quality of Reformed Education
Rev. Doug Barnes, alumnus of Mid-America, enlightens us on the quality of a Reformed education.

The Importance of Christmas
Three students explain the importance of Christ's first coming, and its meaning for us today and tomorrow.

A Conversation With Andrew Compton
From the pulpit to the classroom, Rev. Andrew Compton recounts his time in the pastorate and how it prepared him for his time in the classroom as a professor at Mid-America.

The Essence of Seminary Education
What is at the core of seminary training? What constitutes its substance?

The Dwelling Places of God: A Fall Evening Class
We're excited to see what Dr. Mininger has in store for the lectures this Fall, titled "The Dwelling Places of God."

Juniors 2016
As our Juniors of 2016 continue in their newly found studies, hear what they have to say as they look forward to the remainder of their seminary career here at MARS.

Mid-America Reformed Seminary Golf Outing 2016
The 2016 MARS Golf Outing was a great success. Take a gander at what went on throughout the day!

Summer Greek 2016
Prepare for Summer Greek, 2016.

Introducing Rev. Compton
Mid-America welcomes Rev. Andrew Compton, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies.

2016 Graduate Reflections
It was a blessing to witness the graduation of our seniors! May God bless all your future endeavors as you enter the gospel ministry. Take a look at what our graduates had to say about their time here at Mid-America.

The Christian Response to the Gobal Challenge of Islam
Rev. Bassam Madany, founder of Middle East Resources, led an evening class entitled "The Christian Response to the Global Challenge of Islam."