Sound Christian scholarship is crucial in equipping you for effective Christian ministry

Master of Divinity 

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree program prepares you for ordained gospel ministry as a pastor, chaplain, missionary, and evangelist. The health of the church and society depend on the faithful ministry of the Word of God. The Master of Divinity will train you to effectively serve the church as a knowledgeable pastor with a servant heart.

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  • 102 Classroom credits

  • 10 Ministerial Apprenticeship Program credits

  • 3-4 Average number of years to complete

Master of Theological Studies

If you desire theological education but not ordination, the Master of Theological Studies program is for you. The MTS degree serves as an avenue for further graduate study or as a platform for enhanced theological knowledge that may serve to augment your training received in other fields.

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  • 65 classroom credits

  • 2-3 Average number of years to complete

  • 2 Options: Biblical studies & Historial/Theological studies

Ministerial Apprenticeship Program

The Ministerial Apprenticeship Program (MAP) gives students in the Master of Divinity program a tutorial relationship with an experienced pastor. This program provides students with opportunities to apply their classroom learning to ministry situations.

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  • 8Practica

  • 2 Summer internships

  • 20Minimum required
    exhorting assignments