Articles from the Faculty

Here you'll find a repurposed resource hub of published works from the Faculty of Mid-America - from segments of podcasts, portions of journal articles, published books, Messenger pieces, and more.

Then & Now: Reflections on My Service at Mid-America Reformed Seminary
Dr. Cornelis P. Venema reflects on his 36 years of service at Mid-America Reformed Seminary, recounting how he was initially reluctant to leave pastoral ministry to teach at the Seminary, the challenges Mid-America faced in its early years, the reasons for relocating to the Chicago area, and the growth and transitions the Seminary has undergone during his tenure as President.
You are the Salt of the Earth
Dr. Venema reflects on Jesus' metaphor of believers being "the salt of the earth" (Matt. 5:13). Salt adds flavor and preserves against decay. As Christ's followers, we're called to bring zest to a tasteless world and resist moral corruption, fulfilling our vocation amidst society.
Christian Nationalism
Dr. Strange discusses the phenomenon of "Christian nationalism" in America, analyzing how some have appropriated the term to promote a political vision that seeks to reestablish a Christian-dominated society, while critiquing this vision as being contrary to core Christian principles.
Imitating the Incarnation?
Dr. Venema discusses how, although we must be wary of viewing the gospel message moralistically, the apostle Paul does encourage believers to imitate Christ's incarnation and humility in Philippians 2:5-11.
Stewards of the Gospel
Dr. Venema discusses the role of ministers as stewards and servants of Christ entrusted with preaching the gospel, emphasizing the importance of faithfulness to this calling.
The Church Protected as She Witnesses to the Nations
Dr. Cornelis Venema elaborates on the Church's role on this side of eternity as she witnesses in a hostile world and yet is protected by her Lord.