Articles from the Faculty

Here you'll find a repurposed resource hub of published works from the Faculty of Mid-America - from segments of podcasts, portions of journal articles, published books, Messenger pieces, and more.

Stewards of the Gospel
Dr. Venema discusses the role of ministers as stewards and servants of Christ entrusted with preaching the gospel, emphasizing the importance of faithfulness to this calling.
The Church Protected as She Witnesses to the Nations
Dr. Cornelis Venema elaborates on the Church's role on this side of eternity as she witnesses in a hostile world and yet is protected by her Lord.
Counting Our Days Until We Go Home
Dr. Cornelis Venema reflects on the awareness of the brevity of our lives, which compels us to pray that our days should be fruitful in service to the Lord.
Bold as a Lion: Comments on Mark 14:43-52
Dr. Eric Watkins elaborates on how Christians can be as bold as lions in a world of strife and uncertainty.
The Church Protected in the Wilderness by Her Triumphant King
Dr. Cornelis Venema reflects on Revelation 12:1-6 in a Christmas meditation, focusing on the birth of Christ, who was born to save His people, triumph over and crush the head of Satan and his counterfeit kingdom, and rule over all the nations, protecting and nourishing the church in the wilderness until He comes in ultimate triumph at the end of the present age.
Creation as God's Temple
Rev. Mark Vander Hart details the redemptive-historical significance of the disappearance of the temple and how we, as temples of the Holy Spirit, function today in our relationship with God.