Articles from the Faculty

Here you'll find a repurposed resource hub of published works from the Faculty of Mid-America - from segments of podcasts, portions of journal articles, published books, Messenger pieces, and more.

The Old Testament: A Field Manual for World Missions
Rev. Mark Vander Hart describes the Old Testament as God's field manual for evangelism and world missions.
By His Spirit and Word
Dr. Cornelis Venema reflects on the centrality of Christ in the building up of his church through missions and evangelism.
Mary's Place in the Christmas Story
Dr. Cornelis Venema elaborates on the role of Mary in the Christmas story and of her being "blessed" among women.
Spirituality of the Church
Dr. Alan Strange, Professor of Church History, takes us through the doctrine of the spirituality of the Church as it was articulated throughout church history, beginning with the Early Church through the era of American Slavery and the Civil War.
Introducing the Center for Missions and Evangelism
Dr. Eric Watkins introduces the new Center for Missions and Evangelism.
Surviving the Polarization Pandemic
Dr. Marvin Olasky, Editor-in-Chief of WORLD Magazine, offers a healthy perspective on how Christians should interact with the headlines today.