Articles from the Faculty

Here you'll find a repurposed resource hub of published works from the Faculty of Mid-America - from segments of podcasts, portions of journal articles, published books, Messenger pieces, and more.

Answering Objections to Catechism Preaching Part 1
In 1986, the late Reformed scholar and Mid-America professor, P.Y. De Jong, wrote in the Mid-America Journal of Theology on catechetical preaching. Here he begins answering some objections to such exhortation in the church.
The Real Presence of Christ in Preaching: Further Questions and Clarifications
Dr. J. Mark Beach continues his examination of Martin Luther and John Calvin's proposal that Christ is present in the preaching of the Word. If preaching is the Word of God, doesn’t this imply the infallibility of the preacher?
Luther and Calvin on the Real Presence of Christ in Preaching
Dr. J. Mark Beach examines what is meant when the Reformers, particularly Calvin and Luther, claimed that Christ is present in the preaching of the Word.
The Road Ahead: A Look at the Future of Mid-America Reformed Seminary
Vice President of Advancement, Michael Deckinga, looks at the exciting developments taking place at Mid-America Reformed Seminary as of 2022.
The Kind of Seminary President We Need
During the early stages of its work, the Presidential Search Committee asked Dr. Cornelis Venema to provide them with his “Reflections on the Position by the Current President.” In what follows, he shares reflections on the kind of president that Mid-America needs at this important moment in its history.
The Old Testament: A Field Manual for World Missions
Rev. Mark Vander Hart describes the Old Testament as God's field manual for evangelism and world missions.