Mid-America Welcomes New Vice-President of Operations

Mid-America Reformed Seminary welcomed Dan Fletcher as the new Vice-President of Operations in early March. Dan is taking over these responsibilities from Keith LeMahieu, who retired on June 30.

Dan is a native of Kalamazoo, MI. His parents were both teachers in the Christian school in Kalamazoo. Dan’s mother taught in the elementary school while his father taught and served as the Athletic Director at the high school. Dan attended a Christian school in Kalamazoo before heading off to college, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Physics at Calvin University in 1989.

Dan began his professional career with Commonwealth Edison, the largest electric utility in Illinois and the sole electric provider in Chicago and much of Northern Illinois. He was hired to lead an effort to integrate micro-computer systems and distributed computing technology into their mainframe computing culture. His work included hiring and overseeing the implementation team for this initiative.

In 1996, ComEd outsourced its information technology services to IBM, and Dan began working for IBM in their Strategic Outsourcing team. Dan worked with customers of various sizes and all lines of business to design, implement, and deliver distributed computing services, including Workplace Support, Service Desk, and Artificial Intelligence offerings. Dan says, “While I always enjoyed my work in the corporate sector and valued the variety of experiences that it afforded me, I often thought about and desired an opportunity to use my skills and experiences in ways that more directly served God and His Kingdom.” When he learned of the opportunity for this position, he wondered whether this was an answer to the long-standing desire of his heart. In mid-January, that question was answered when Mid-America offered Dan the opportunity to serve as the next Vice-President of Operations.

In addition to the experience Dan has gained in his corporate career, Dan has also served in various leadership positions (including as a ruling elder) at churches he has attended. Dan has served on advisory committees for public health institutions and operated his own small I/T company supporting small and medium-sized businesses over the past 15+ years.

Dan recently commented, “Having experienced my first Board of Trustees meeting, I was humbled and moved emotionally as I witnessed these men working faithfully and trustworthily. I saw their dedication and commitment to the Lord and the truth of His Word. I see this same dedication and commitment in the faculty, staff, and student body, and I am awestruck that God has chosen me for this role. It is my desire to show that same dedication in support of MidAmerica, which seeks to remain true to His Word, and strives to prepare the next generation of pastors to bring these gospel truths to a world that desires less and less of it.”

Dan lives in Munster, IN, with his wife, Lori. They have been married 27 years and have three children and six grandchildren. Three grandchildren live close by in Indiana, and three live in Alabama. The Fletchers enjoy spending time with their family, including frequent trips to Alabama.

In addition to spending time with family, Dan loves serving as an Elder at his church, using his computer skills to support the ministry of his church, and volunteering on the boards of various private associations. Dan enjoys learning new skills in his free time, especially with technology of all kinds. Dan looks forward to spending quality time with his grandkids on the beach during summer. While no longer active, Dan is also a certified SCUBA instructor.