Spring Conference

This year's Spring Conference will be held at the Seminary on April 30. The conference will be featuring Dr. Gregory K. Beale, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.  Dr. Beale will be speaking on "Keys to Interpreting the Book of Revelation," divided into three lectures:

(1) “The Key to Interpreting Symbolism in Revelation” (2:00 pm CDT)

(2) "A Case Study: the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11:1-13” (3:30 pm CDT)

(3) "A Case Study: Babylon the Great in Revelation 18 (focusing on 18:4-5)" (5:30 pm CDT)

This conference is open to the public. If you are unable to join us on campus, Mid-America will live-stream these lectures. If you wish to live stream the lectures click here to register.